1/5 BAJA 5b Classic RC gas buggy with 35cc gasoline engine

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Length: 817mm
Width (front): 460mm
Width (rear): 480mm
Height: 255mm
Track (front): 395mm
Track (rear): 400mm
Wheelbase: 570mm
Weight: 10.15kg (without fuel)
1/5th Baja 5B (Landway series)
1/5th scale 2WD Buggy with Fuelie 30.5cc Engine, black box muffler pipe, Steering Servo, Throttle Servo and Pro Shocks. RTR Nylon
version. Nylon arms. Class Titanium color.
Model: SY BAJA 5B LX305AB (SY 30.5CC Engine)
With 3-CH 2.4G radio System, 
1800mAh 6V Ni-MH battery + Charger, 
Black box pipe, 
Tires: Dirt Busters
Camber: adjustable front & rear
Caster: adjustable front
Toe-In: adjustable front & rear
Drive System: 2WD
Tires (front & rear): Dirt Busters
1. Fuelie Gasoline Engine: Fully powerful SY30.5CC equipped with slide carburetor pull-starter.
2. Chassis: super 4mm AL6061 T6.
3. Nylon suspension arms, steering arms, rims, roll bars.
4. CNC Rear Shock Tower Brace.

N.W.: 11.0kg,
G.W.: 14.5kg
Carton size: 1pc/carton
5. Heavy duty front wheel hubs.6. One-Piece Rear Hub Carriers.
7. Super heavy duty drive shafts, diff shafts and axles.
8. Sway bars.
BER remote control, 6V 1800mA NiMH battery, charger, Tire sleeve, multi-function wrench, spark plug sleeve, small cross sleeve,
gasoline mixing pot, oil pipe, stickers.

9. Aluminium Alloy Diff Case.
10. Full metal diff. Gears.
11. CNC oil-filled shocks absorbers.
12. Fuel tank capacity: 700cc
13. PC Body: white w blue color, white w orange color.
14. Servo:30kg/cm Steering Servo,15kg/cm full metal throttle Servo
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