Rovan Baja 5B 305SS Gasoline Metal RC Car with 30.5cc Engine

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Rovan baja 5B 305SS

1, 30.5cc four point   fixed  2T gasoline engine (Walbro668 NGK carburetor, spark plug)
2, LxWxH: 817x480x255mm
3, track front 395mm/ rear 400mm
4, wheelbase 570mm
5, rear wheel drive
6, rear axle brake
7, Rovan 20kg throttle servo
8, Rovan 50kg steering servo

9,  6V 4500MA battery  (The small battery can not be shipped)
10, dominator exhaust pipe
11, 8000 light clutch
12, CVD stretching half shaft 
13, free E combiner front card
14, anti roll bar group
15, brake assembly
16, metal roll cage
17, model six angle clutch cup
18, metal 57T buffer gear
19, CNC metal wheel all terrain tire assembly
20, CNC front metal buffer
21, CNC metal front elevation shield
22, CNC roll cage front support
23, CNC metal 8mm damping (with CNC metal damping peritoneal)
24, CNC metal differential assembly
25, CNC clutch metal tripod
26, CNC metal thickening former 2 floor
27, CNC metal thickening rear 2 floor
28, CNC metal rear shock tower
29, CNC metal rear shock tower inclined brace
30, CNC metal rear shock tower beam
31, CNC metal front suspension group (A arm)
32, CNC metal rear suspension group (A arm)
33, CNC metal head group assembly
34, CNC metal front steering cup
35, CNC C base metal
36, CNC metal U - frame
37, CNC metal lamp
38, CNC metal pot cover
39, CNC metal air filter
40, CNC hanging metal ball head buckle
41, CNC rear metal bumper board
42, CNC metal hand pulled starter
43, CNC metal engine hand side cover
44, CNC metal engine cowling
45, CNC metal gear cover
46, CNC metal gear box
47, CNC metal tail
48, CNC metal gear support
49, CNC metal car lamp lamp plate
50, CNC metal integrated steering linkage
51, CNC engine connected to strengthen the metal three piece suit
52, CNC metal one side plate brake gear bearing seat
53, CNC metal steering, throttle servos rocker
54, CNC metal steering gear assembly kit
55, CNC metal center support
56, CNC metal side connected with the fixed block
57, strengthen CNC metal engine block
58, CNC metal shock front under protection shell Suite
59, CNC metal shaft pin positioning piece suite
60, CNC rear metal balance bar clasp
61, emergency repair kit
63, engine disassembly tool


On the basis of 305S, raised a notch, this car for the metal, the engine for the full CNC shell, chassis elevation for the CNC, including the mid bracket body, equipped with Rovan steering servo of the 305SS, no need to worry about lack of electronic equipment!