RC Excavator Hydraulic K970-200 Full Metal RC Brushless Construction

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Product Specifications
RC excavator
Model Number
ABC-746036 ABC-746038
Product Size
68.5x31.2x39.2 cm
Remote control battery
2.4G 18ch 5D Transmitter(PL18 EV Lite)
Car battery
11.1V 15000Li-Po Battery
1.Dynamic way:
Driving Mode:Brushless 4Level planetary deceleration structure, torsion 80kg.
Rotary drive mode: Brushless 4Level planetary deceleration structure, torsion 65kg.
2.The Boom Arm is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The main pump is driven by a high-power silent 5055 brushless motor. 6 direction valve control arm, arm, bucket, quick change, rotation, clamping (these 2functions need to be purchased Hydraulic grip to achieve action, not included in the price of the machine).
3.Machine structure: the whole frame of K970 machine is made of aluminum alloy processed by CNC, and part of it is sheet metal stainless steel laser welding.
Followed by etching stainless steel process track drive ring tooth bucket tooth for stainless steel casting, hard tubing for copper pipe, hose for nylon high pressure pipe.
4.Features of the whole machine: due to the adoption of the world's more advanced mainstream processing technology, whether it is workmanship quality or playability have been higher guaranteed. Static can be eye-pleasing, dynamic not pull the brake.