New RGT 1/10 Crawler RC Off-road Vehicle

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Product description:

"V3FD" new car adopts a more robust integrated axle design, and the detachable axle box cover and the gear in the axle box are upgraded to metal materials. The steering system adopts a positive Ackerman angle design, coupled with the CVA front drive shaft, can provide a reliable steering angle of up to 45 degrees. In addition, the new car has a front design of the battery box, so that the center of gravity of the car is moved forward, which is more conducive to climbing and not easy to overturn.

"V3FD" new car electronic components is a three-in-one multifunctional customized power system, which is jointly developed by two industry giants, FS and HOBBYWING. We believe that this system can provide excellent power performance for the RGT frame, and has a reliable quality assurance.

In terms of appearance, the oil-injected transparent windows of the car shell and the design of hidden car shell pillars make the car look realistic and undamaged. The new front and rear anti-collision panels, air intake grilles, rearview mirrors, travel frames, spotlight holders and other plastic decorative parts make the appearance more simulated and domineering. In addition, it is thought that the "V3FD" is also equipped with rear lights, front and rear turn signal lamp holders (light wires are not provided). In addition, the new antique electroplated wheel frame design is also the design brightness of this car.


Basic information:

Length: 430mm (16.9in)

Width: 215mm (8.36)

Height (including luggage rack): 255mm (9.95in)

Wheelbase: 255mm (9.95 in)

Ground Clearance: 68mm (2.65in)

Gear Ratio: 88:1

Weight: 1.8KG

Motor: RC 390

Servo: 6KG

ESC: HW-711/40A

Transmitter: 2.4GHz

Battery: Ni-Mh 7.2V1500mAh