MX2 2WD RC Camera Car (Flash 2) SLR Camera or Cine Camera Shooting Car

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Name: 2WD RC Camera Car (Flash 2)
Model: SY MX2

SLR Camera or Cine Camera Shooting Car
The SY MX2(Flash 2) is suitable for low-angle shooting, sports and shooting, and can be used for rapid and stable shooting at a maximum speed of 90 km/h, enabling photographers to obtain more free and variable shooting angles and make them more thrilling. Motion lens. The car has good off-road and shock absorption performance, two-wheel drive, light body, freely controllable, full of power, suitable for all kinds of roads and various scenes, and optional track conversion kit, suitable for shooting in desert, snow and other scenes. With a maximum load of 10 kg, it can be equipped with a three-axis stabilizer such as DJI and a professional camera to capture a smooth and stable picture.
Unique damping system helps eliminate vibration on the ground caused by the collision, and this means a low and steady and has many potential applications. There are not the problems about lack of space for other stabilizer caused by too tall.

- 2WD Version, the car is light, Max speed 90km/h, Max. load 10kg.
- 200A waterproof brushless ESC
- 800KV brushless motor
- Dual battery power system
- Quick release metal compartment design
- Independent suspension of the whole vehicle, hydraulic shock absorption system
Steel wire shock absorption system
- Can be directly equipped with a SLR camera or Cine camera
- 2.4G Futaba 4PM remote control
- Tire:on-road tires. Optional tires suitable for different terrain off-road, ice surface or snow.
- Full metal independent suspension hydraulic shock absorption system, professional steel wire damping system
- Damping system: the middle is steel damping to ensure picture stability when starting and stopping time.
- Independent system parts are not deformed steel wire, shock resistance vibration absorption equilibrium
- With light, solid alloy fittings, even if the road bumps, but also to maintain steady

Technical Parameters:
Products size: 880*550*280mm (without RONIN)
N.W: 19KG
The power system: 200A waterproof ESC
800KV brushless motor
Battery: 2 * 14.8V, 40C, 5200MAH Lipo batteries
Two-wheel steering system, two 55kg servo;
2.4G Futaba 4PM remote control;

Carton Size: 96* 48.3 * 24cm
GW: 17.8KG

Car Frame. 1 set
Futaba 4PM Remote control with receiver. 1 set
800KV Brushless motor 1pc
200A ESC 1pc
14.8V, 4S, 40C, 5200mAh Lipo battery 2pc
55KG servo 2pcs
Smart charger 1set
Low voltage alarm 2pc
Spare screws for car. numbers
Multi - function wrench. 1pc
Hexagon screwdriver. 1pc
Tire sleeve. 1pc
EN71, ce
Radio Control Style
RC Model
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