MT 946 1/14 Model Tracked Hydraulic RC Excavator

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946 :3880USD
380 :4080USD
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EW380-3: 5655USD
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RT mean the machine come with hydraulic R&T wide bucket
GB mean the machine come with hydraulic grab
CM mean the machine come with hydraulic clamshell bucket
W mean white color,Y mean yellow color
946machine info:
1,5ways hydraulic valves
2,hydraulic working pressure 4Mpa
3,digital hydraulic pressure gauge
4,  LCD display in cab
5,9 channels remote controller
6,it default come with large、little bucket ,ripper,hydraulic grab or hydraulic R&T wide bucket or clamshell bucket
7,it default come with spare parts:screws,shim,connector,pipes,rubber ring
8,made by stainless steel,aluminum,copper few plastic
9,Manual bucket coupler
10,it does not come with battery and charger
the machine weight:24KG
battery space is :180×60×35mm
choose XT60 connector, 3S lipo
for example this one :