JKMAX 1/8 All Metal RC Electric Remote Control Climbing Model Car

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CAPO JKMAX 1/8 All Metal RC Electric Remote Control Climbing Model Car Off-Road Crawler KIT Aldult Kids Toys Hand Assembled1. All-metal construction body, not just an all-metal chassis.The whole set of car shell adopts aluminum alloy precision die-casting, pipe frame shaping fixture, aluminum alloy stamping, plastic die-casting, CNC machine tools, computer lathes, up to 6 kinds of production processes and nearly 15 processes. Excluding screws, cab and equipment compartment components, it consists of more than 78 individual parts. Yes, this is just the whole casing.2. Full scale cockpit and metal equipment box

JKMAX uses a full-scale cockpit interior to realistically restore the seats and front row space. The steering wheel can be joined with a 9g micro steering gear to support steering linkage, and the simulated instrument panel can support the connection of LED lighting systems. A metal equipment box hollowed out and engraved by a piece of 100×65×38mm solid aluminum CNC is installed in the middle and rear of the vehicle, and the electronic equipment such as the ESC receiver is concealed and stored. The wiring trend of the entire vehicle circuit system and the balance of the front and rear weights of the body have been optimized.3. A new drive system for conquering the surface

The updated design of the second-generation V8 simulation engine, the power core can support the standard 550-level brushed motor assembly, the inverted trapezoidal shape design is more realistic, and avoids a better angle and movement space for the 4LINK tie rod structure.

Gear set reconstruction using JK generation gearbox housing. Capo's original steel ball clutch makes gear shifting smoother, 1:17.2/1:6 two-speed design, achieves nearly 3 times the gear ratio difference in a compact box, and is made of high-quality carbon steel with a hardness of 42-48HRC after quenching and heat treatment The mixed pairing of gear set + imported Saigang material large teeth, since 2013, Capo has taken the lead in the industry to convert the relevant case arguments of industrial-grade mechanical gears into the design and test of model gear sets, using different materials for the first-stage power. Gear engagement, noise resistance and wear resistance are much higher than the gear combination of the same material.

An independent transfer case with a high-simulation shape, the original factory standard transfer reversal function is used to offset the deviation of the vehicle's center of gravity caused by the axle effect. Make the driving posture more stable.