1/5 Scale 45cc Engine 450 Gas Powerful Special Edition Baja

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This is a Brand New in Box Ready to Run
1/5 scale 45cc Rovan Sport 450 Special Edition Baja Buggy only available from Rovan RC with extra upgrades installed!
Compatible with HPI 5b, King Motor and other buggies.
This buggy is huge at 32 inches long gas baja buggy.
Can reach speeds of 40+ mph right out of the box.
Because of the almost all aluminum construction this buggy is heavy and is not intended for off road use, parts can bend easy when crashed due to the weight and rigidity of aluminum parts.

I only recommend this model for street use, it's more of a show piece.

Very powerful 4 bolt upgraded 45cc motor with easy pull start system!

Stock parts and aftermarket parts are available everywhere for this buggy including hobby shops, HPI, internet etc.

It is very easy to maintain this buggy since HPI 5b and aftermarket parts can bolt right on.

Includes all the following items

  •     Powerful 4 bolt 45CC 2 stroke (gas and oil mix) RovanSport engine with Easy Pull Start System and Walbro 1107 Carburetor

  •     New very fast and SUPER High torque 60KG metal gear steering servo.

  •     All metal gear 20KG throttle servo.

  •     Alloy gear differential cover with hardened steel gears.

  •     Aluminum front and rear suspension arms with aluminum ball ends.

  •     Aluminum front and rear shock towers.

  •     Aluminum front and rear shock tower supports.

  •     Aluminum front and rear shock tower braces.

  •     Aluminum piggy back reservoir 8mm HD shocks (Shocks may need thicker oil added for proper dampening)

  •     Front and rear hubs, steering arms, toe in shims.

  •     Aluminum front complete bulk head.

  •     Aluminum rear upper bulk head.

  •     Aluminum HD 5mm thick front and rear upper frame plates.

  •     Aluminum light pods.

  •     Aluminum enclosed wheel nuts

  •     Aluminum front roll cage mount**

  •     Chrome steel roll cage with lower rails.

  •     Upgrades throttle/brake linkage.

  •     Rear wheel drive.

  •     Heavy duty clutch bell with hex drive pinion with 6mm nut.

  •     Front and rear sway bars.

  •     Rear disc brakes.

  •     Huge 9mm heavy duty steel drive shafts.

  •     Full ball bearings.

  •     Strong aluminum chassis.

  •     New strong polycarbonate pre-painted body.

  •     New Gravel tires front and rear with HD foam installed. (Nice!)

  •     6V 4500MAH NIMH battery and USA charger included.

  •     2.4GHz GT-3B Computer transmitter radio It is a frequency hopping digital system radio that includes, 10 model memory, servo reversing, end point adjustment, dual rate, exponential, auto brake system (ABS), model name etc.